la kings at min wild 11-26-14

Wild Game Notes 11-26-14 vs Kings – Tryptophan edition

Okay, I’ll admit it. I didn’t get a lot done at work today…I was looking forward to preparing my first Thanksgiving dinner with my fiancee. (Haven’t mentioned that until now, but I popped the question a few days back. I’ll talk more about it on the next podcast.) But the Wild seemed to have the same affliction as they faced the Kings on home ice tonight…they came out of the gates like they all gorged themselves on thanksgiving food and then got into an argument with Grandpa about Ferguson before the game.

Four goals in the first and they didn’t even get an answering tally. Even on a win streak, a home shutout is tough to swallow (pun intended.) The team hasn’t really suffered an extended losing streak this season…I think four games is their max so far? So as crappy as this game was, I think it just gets chalked up as one of those games where a young team just comes out flat and gets knocked around. Continue reading

wild at flyers 11-20-14 waronice

#MNWild Game Notes 11-20-14 at Flyers – Mister Darcy the Gentleman Goaltender saves the day

Entering tonight’s game, the Flyers had lost three straight, including a contest against the Rangers on Wednesday in which they looked generally awful. They came out of the gates hot with 14 shots on goal in the first period. Word has it head coach Craig Berube tore them a new one, so I figured they would start strong at home tonight. But I wanted to see the Wild weather the storm a bit more and counterattack where they could. Instead, they were without the puck for long stretches at a time, and lost the possession battle most of the evening Continue reading

min dal 11-15-14 woi

#MNWild Game Notes 11-15-14 vs Dallas – Still #ConferenceIII undisputed champions!

This game started at 1 pm on a Saturday, so I can’t say I’m too surprised it was a low scoring affair. The Wild looked lost for stretches of this game, though toward the end of the first and second period they picked it up, including a really nifty turnover-turned-goal on a nice feed from Ryan Carter to Erik Haula.

Considering the lineup and the injury/illness problems that are hampering this team right now, I thought they still did a reasonable job of playing a bend-not-break defense against the Stars, who were hungry to end their own recent difficult streak. The younger guys took over late in each period, especially the second, and I saw Zucker, Haula, Nino, and Coyle buzzing, creating some opportunities against some very tired competition. I think with the skill players out, that’s something we could see this team doing more, trying to wear down an opponent and then turn up the throttle with scoring from the bottom six. Haula got his goal with about four minutes to go in the second period, and though Minnesota was outpossessed from the first whistle, they found a way to sneak in a couple goals and get the win. Continue reading

buf min 11-13-14

#MNWild Game Notes 11-13-14 vs Sabres: Goalsplosion aka Slumpbuster + individual possession

Let’s get this out of the way off the jump: Buffalo is the worst team in the league this year. They are the worst team in the fancy stats era, statistically speaking. The Wild got a nasty surprise today with Marco Scandella and Jonas Brodin now sidelined for a week or more with the Mumps. Side note: thanks anti-vaccine crowd! It’s called the social contract, look it up. Anyway, I wrote after the last game that if the Wild looked bad tonight, I would be worried. I called this game a natural slumpbuster, and that’s exactly what it ended up being. However, it wasn’t exactly pretty, and things sure started out in an interesting manner… Continue reading


#MNWild Game Recap 11-11-14 at Devils: Dig up, stupid!!

Sorry for missing the last two games–I fully meant to watch replays and cover them this weekend but I was at BlizzCon! If you don’t follow me on twitter, I’m a big Hearthstone and WoW player, and since I live in Anaheim, I’ve been lucky enough to get tickets each of the last two years. The Hearthstone world championship was incredible. A young American kid named Firebat beat a much more established Chinese player…lots of fun to watch and a great atmosphere. And, I think they broadcast it on ESPN3. Continue reading

Hashtag Hockey Podcast ep. 34 – Better late than never? Question mark? The Beerisode

In an episode that I must apologize for posting late, Bob and Dan talk about the Wild’s crazy games against the Rangers and Bruins, then get into a planned tangent to talk about craft beer. Also, we introduce…the FIRST NAME GAME

2014-11-04 PIT-MIN

#MNWild Game Notes: 11-4-14 vs Pittsburgh Penguins – Your tiger style kung fu is no match for our dragon style

Some days you eat the bear and some days the bear, well…he eats you. Not a great effort by the Wild tonight, but credit the Penguins for playing some pretty amazing defense. Minnesota looked frustrated and sometimes clueless this evening. Let’s go right to the charts…with a new win expectancy chart added at war-on-ice! Continue reading

dal at min 11-1-14

Wild Game Notes: 11-1-14 vs Dallas Stars plus individual Fenwicks

If you read my recap of the Sharks game yesterday before the puck dropped on the Stars game, you might have expected the team to play exactly the way I described: low risk hockey in the first period, and then BOOM! out the gates in the second. Minnesota hung three goals on Dallas in the second period yesterday, all but sealing the game after the middle frame. Continue reading

sj at min 10-30-14

#MNWild Game Recap 10-30-14 vs San Jose: The Kids are Alright

Two games, two consecutive two-goal leads erased. The Wild are showing us more and more ability to step on the gas and really counterpunch compared to last year. The crazy thing is, their roster is almost completely the same as 2013-14…obviously with Heatley gone and Vanek joining the team, there were some key differences, but by and large the roster is the same. Guys like Scandella, Spurgeon, Zucker, they’re giving the team an entirely new dimension. Continue reading

10-28-14 at boston

Wild Game Recap: 10-28-14 at Boston – Turning the tables

Question: How does a team get the bad taste of a third period comeback loss out of their mouth? Answer: Go out and complete your own third period comeback win. Great determination tonight by the Wild, overcoming a 3-1 deficit in the third period against a Boston team that doesn’t look nearly as good as they have in recent seasons. The first two periods were very even in terms of possession, but toward the end of the second period, even as they gave up the third goal against, the Wild were in the process of putting their foot on the accelerator. Let’s go straight to the game chart: Continue reading