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Today I do the hockey birthdays, take a look around the league, and showcase 10 players who have provided nice early season value in fantasy hockey.

Before I am overcome by Captain Tripps, I do the hockey birthdays, cover the news out of Minnesota Wild training camp, and talk about what I’m watching for as the 2013-14 NHL season starts up.

Hockey Wilderness Managing Editor Emilie Wiener joins me today to talk about the growth of the site, and what to look for coming out of Wild training camp this year.

Today we celebrate my becoming an uncle by cracking some Surly anniversary brew and some double-oaked bourbon and talk about the Wild’s new jerseys, their offseason moves, and fantasy hockey.

Today I am joined by Hockey Abstract author Rob Vollman to discuss his must-read book, plus the Minnesota Wild’s “moneypuck” strategy and the recent NHL free agent signings.

Greetings from beautiful Orange County! I know I haven’t posted in a while but I wanted to give a quick update on what’s been going on with me and to shout from the rooftops that THE HASHTAG HOCKEY PODCAST IS COMING BACK! More on that in a second.

The reason I’ve been so off the radar is that I recently made a huge career move, which carried with it a need to move to a new city. When I started this goofy blog, I worked for a county mental health department in Riverside, CA. They do a lot of great work there, and help a ton of troubled youth in the area and their families lead healthy, happy lives. But I always wanted to be more of an evaluation consultant, working independently of the programs. Long story short, I finally found that opportunity and I now work for a small program evaluation firm in Irvine, CA, called SmartStart Educational Services. We contract with schools and universities who receive grant funding to do really cool, innovative research or teaching. Head on over to our website if you want to learn more. I’ve stepped into more of a project management role, which consequently means I’m putting in longer hours and taking a lot of my work home with me (which I almost never did before.) I’m also doing a ton more writing at the new job—whereas at the county I was responsible for one program and two reports a year, I’m now managing over a dozen projects, with between two and four reports a year each. So between having less time and doing much more writing at work, I’m scaling back the amount of writing I’ll be doing for the blog. You will still find the same great stuff as I was doing before, just slightly less of it.

Having said that, I’m very excited to announce some of my plans for what I’m calling Hashtag Hockey Season Two! I’m going to shift my energy to building a weekly podcast that covers (in no particular order,) the Minnesota Wild, the NHL, hockey in general, and also some more cultural stuff that I want to talk about, like movies and video games, stuff like that. I will be doing lots of interviews, and bringing my friend Dan on as a co-host more frequently (you’ll remember him from our Stanley Cup podcast a little while back.)

Finally, a couple of things I’m very excited to announce:

  • FREE STUFFS! To celebrate the start of Hashtag Hockey season 2, I will be giving away a special prize to one lucky winner when I hit 300 Twitter followers. So please toss me a shout-out and retweet my stuff to help me reach my goal! I’ll announce the prize on my first podcast, which I hope to release this weekend.
  • IT’S A PARTY! I will always be looking for people to interview on my show, and I am thinking about opening up the format to include guest segments at the end of the show. If you are interested in either of these things, e-mail me at hashtaghockey [at] gee mail [dot com]. For guest spots, I’d be looking for either a recurring segment, or perhaps even just a one-off thing if you have something you want to talk about or promote. Very short, one- to two-minutes in length, pre-edited and pre-formatted. You would send it to me ready to go and I slap it on the end of my podcast. I’m looking forward to your ideas!

Thanks for sticking with me, and I can’t wait to get started on the new season! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, @Hashtag_Hockey

This week I am joined by my good friend Dan to talk about the Minnesota Wild’s season, including rookie standouts and potential offseason contract scenarios. We look ahead to the NHL Playoffs and discuss whether the Wild have a snowball’s chance in hell to upset the Chicago Blackhawks. We also make our predictions for all first-round matchups.

All killer, no filler today! The first round of the fantasy playoffs are in the books, and this is the time of year when heroes are made and some players become goats (coughCareyPrice). This week I give a rundown of the best and worst of the last week and look ahead to the next round.

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Can’t wait to get on iTunes so I don’t have to embed the files! I’m this close too, there appears to be a problem on the iTunes side…waiting to hear back from their tech support >_>

A player spotlight podcast today, with a twist: I did a top-10 list of forwards and defensemen by CorsiOn (min 10 GP). Talked a bit about how underlying stats like Corsi don’t always illuminate how well a player might do for fantasy, and gave lots of examples. For reference he’s the list.


  • 10. Davis Drewiske (LA) 16.4, (1+2=3), +1, 4 PIM, 8 SOG, 13:46, 6.9% on ice
  •  9. Dennis Wideman (CGY) 17.5, (3+6=9), -1, 4 PIM, 33 SOG, 24:53, 7.5%
  •  8. Paul Postma (WPG) 18.8, (1+4=5), -2, 2 PIM, 17 SOG, 16:04, 7.1%
  •  7. Zdeno Chara (BOS) 19.2, (2+3=5), +2, 14 PIM, 31 SOG, 25:29, 9.5%
  •  6. Johnny Boychuk (BOS) 19.3, (1+1=2), +3, 6 PIM, 22 SOG, 20:33, 10.9%
  •  5. T. J. Brodie (CGY) 19.6, (0+4=4), +4, 0 PIM, 11 SOG, 17:57, 9.1%
  •  4. Erik Karlsson (OTT) 23.0, (6+4=10), +6, 8 PIM, 63 SOG, 27:04, 5.8%
  •  3. Marc Methot (OTT) 23.6, (0+3=3), +1, 14 PIM, 14 SOG, 22:22, 7.0%
  •  2. Slava Voynov (LA) 26.8, (2+4=6), +6, 2 PIM, 24 SOG, 21:41, 7.7%
  •  1. Alec Martinez IR (LA) 29.7, (1+1=2), +/- 0, 4 PIM, 14 SOG, 18:56, 5.4%


  • 10. Anze Kopitar (LA), 25.4, (4+4=8), +/-0, 8 PIM, 19 SOG, 20:55, 6.1% on ice
  •  9. Eric Fehr (WAS), 26.4, (3+2=5), +/-0, 4 PIM, 13 SOG, 9:15 ATOI, 13.3%
  •  8. Brad Marchand (BOS), 26.5, (7+1=8), +4, 4 PIM, 16 SOG, 16:40, 8.6%, (43.8%)
  •  7. Tyler Seguin (BOS), 26.8, (2+5=7), +8, 6 PIM, 37 SOG, 17:39, 11.2%
  •  6. Patrice Bergeron (BOS), 27.4, (2+5=7), +6, 4 PIM, 44 SOG, 18:43, 7.3%
  •  5. Jeff Carter (LA), 28.8, (6+1=7), -2, 6 PIM, 31 SOG, 18:34, 7.5% (19.4%)
  •  4. Kyle Clifford (LA), 30.8, (2+5=7), +/-0, 12 PIM, 12 SOG, 11:37 ATOI, 13.4%
  •  3. Henrik Sedin (VAN), 33.1, (0+10=10), +9, 8 PIM, 19 SOG, 20:0 ATOI, 11.3%
  •  2. Daniel Sedin (VAN) 34.1, (4+8=12), +5, 0 PIM, 34 SOG, 19:03 ATOI, 9.1%
  •  1. Justin Williams (LA) 35.7, (1+4=5), +3, 12 PIM, 44 SOG, 16:29 ATOI, 9.0%

Hey! If you like the Hashtag Hockey podcast, check out the NHL Numbers podcast! They’re not on iTunes yet either so in the meantime check out their pod here.

Join me next week when I will have a special guest, fancy stat innovator extraordinaire, Rob Vollman!

In the mean time, send me any show ideas or fantasy hockey questions at hashtaghockey [at] gmail [dot] com and make sure to follow me on Twitter, @Hashtag_Hockey

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I’m still working on figuring out how to get the podcast on iTunes, so please bear with me as I get the technical details figured out.

Today, I look around the league and suggest a couple of Anaheim Ducks and New Jersey Devils to pick up, plus a stat toolbox on PDO and a feature on how to make effective trades. Enjoy!

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