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This week, Dan and Bob chat about Minnesota Wild trade rumors, the Olympic hockey tournament, and whether the glass you drink beer out of can make it taste better.

Today I run down the playoff odds for each conference, and look at some probably first round matchups. And, I discuss whether fancy stats take the -fun- out of the sport.

Today I look at the Minnesota Wild over the last two seasons–a clean 82 game stretch thanks to the lockout. I dive deeper into their lackluster offensive output, and look at a number of individual player stats.

Today I talk about some fantasy hockey strategy, and the advantage of short-term pickups. Everyone wants that home run off the waiver wire, but it can be just as effective to pick up guys who may be hot for just a month or six weeks and then find the next guy. I run down a number of player who could give your team a short term boost.

Today Darryl Metcalf from joins the show to talk about the reasons he created his website, the features and cool things the site can do, and the Toronto Maple Leafs’ aversion to advanced stats.

Today Rob Vollman stops by the podcast to talk about the Minnesota Wild and why preseason predictions for the team were so far off, and makes a case for why the Wild actually have one of the best penalty kill units in the game!

Today I look at who are the Minnesota Wild’s biggest “puck hogs” with the use of a nifty advanced statistic, and also take a look at the Central division playoff odds.

Today Dan and I discuss the Wild’s recent success and their early-season momentum, as well as the state of fighting and violence in the NHL and whether it’s good for the brand

In today’s fantasy hockey podcast, I talk about a number of players I am holding onto or buying low in the early season, who I am walking away from, and who I am running away from!

Dan Ginter stops by the show to talk about the San Jose Sharks’ dominance, whether Tomas Hertl’s trick shot is good for hockey (spoiler: YES), and the Minnesota Wild’s young players who are stepping up early in the season.