Minnesota Wild Game Notes: 11-20-13 at Ottawa Senators

Posted: November 20, 2013 in State of Hockey, Wild Game Notes
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Sort of a stream of consciousness for tonight’s dramatic victory, sealed in the final minutes by Captain Koivu
  • I dig the guy in the uniform singing the anthems, feels more patriotic. I’m a sucker for that stuff
  • “You’re gonna hear two different Boo’s here tonight, one for Heatley and then another, louder one for Cooke.”
  • Heatley scored 180 goals in four seasons as a Senator…that’s 45 goals a game for four seasons and they boo him now. You’ve got to be extra dickish to get that
  • Jason Zucker gets a scoring chance with a rebound AND he draws a penalty. I feel like that type of stuff will get you more time with the big club
  • That was such an amazing pass by Macarthur…through his legs and behind him. Wow
  • A very nice response by Parise and Pominville. Koivu too with a nice puck protecting move to set up the pass that set up the goal
  • Often, the benefit of a good farm system is less about producing the superstars but about providing depth for injury fill-ins, etc.
  • This team seems to have stretches where they just implode at certain times…all the power play goals against in the first 3-4 games, hopefully we’re not seeing another run at evens
  • Granlund and Pominville looked great with Nino, but they’re setting up equally well with Zucker.
  • Alright so it took one period for the fans to stop booing Cooke, let’s see if it goes the whole game for Heatley…probably
  • Great piece on Chah-lie Coyle during the intermission. I’ll have to see if I can grab the audio, couple of good quotes to isolate
  • Jonas Brodin shooting 31% on the year. #Sniper
  • Heatley not with a goal and an assist. Why can’t he be this motivated every night?
  • Looks like this Koivu goal will be called off…
  • Heatley looks energized tonight, making much crisper handles, better skating, the works.
  • Scoring chances shown 3-0 with about 7 mins left in second period. Nice adjustment by the Wild between periods
  • Pommer makes a nice pass to Zucker, passes when he should have shot
  • Great effort on a zone entry pass about ten seconds later, sprawled out, reaches out one handed and tips the puck out of the zone
  • I think it might be the first time I’ve heard them say Bobby Ryan’s name, three minutes left in second
  • THAT CLOSE from giving up two in a game. Yikes
  • Michalek couldn’t have asked for a better rebound chance. Puck just stops cold in the slot
  • Dumba skates between defenders well, snaps a shot on net
  • Coyle’s shot is developing really well…seen him elevate a tough backhand and good forehand too
  • The Senators have been able to control possession and get under the Wild’s skin with rough play, other teams have done one or the other but not like tonight
  • Koivu seems to be heating up. This is good news. That is all.
  • Captain Koivu is Cluch. Mikko Cluch-ku
  • 12 pts in 8 gms for Koivu. Prettay…Prettayyyyy good
  • Check out this Fenwick chart from ExtraSkater (who will be a guest on the podcast next week!)
  • This is why these stats are better with large sample size, they often don’t explain individual games, which are dynamic
  • Some bullshit: the RTSS page for the last two Wild games have been in French, which screws up my script to count individual Corsi. Some bullshit! I’ve asked them to change them when they did this last year but I didn’t get a response. Feh!
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