Wild Game Notes: 11-19-13 vs Montreal plus individual Corsi

Posted: November 19, 2013 in State of Hockey, Wild Game Notes
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***Individ Corsi will be added when the NHL page updates***
Sort of a stream of consciousness for tonight’s ugly, ugly loss. VINTAGE WILD!
  • Fairly slow pace of play in the early minutes. Montreal appears to be trying to slow down Minnesota, but they aren’t letting them get much OZ time either.
  • Granlund throws a nice hit on the forecheck. I’ve written a bunch of times but it’s just great to see him playing a physical game…I should try to get some new material
  • Wild get a 4-on-2 and still can’t get a shot on goal. Harumph
  • Harding is going to end up seeing more shots in the first period of this game than in some of his recent entire games
  • I’ve been watching Scandella more and more, and he definitely wants to be more of a puck mover. He really seems to be taking a step forward this year offensively
  • Niederreiter and Spurgeon both hit Pacioretty hard in the span of a couple minutes. Spurgeon doesn’t take a lot of penalties, that was uncharacteristic of him to just take a guy out from behind
  • Good PK by the WIld here in the first. More assertive (not aggressive i’d say, but not as passive as they were when they were letting in goals left and right when shorthanded)
  • This game getting pretty chippy in the early going…not exactly sure why. Not a division or even a conference rivalry…maybe something lingering from their last matchup?
  • Mah gawd, Heatley really looks like he’s skating through quicksand. It’s way too early to speculate on this, but which team out there wants to sign this guy after his current contract is up?
  • Fontaine with a gift pass right in the slot, wasn’t prepared and couldn’t put a good shot on
  • Habs leading in shots, chances, and hits after one. Not huge advantages but definitely controlling play
  • Let’s see if giving up the first goal wakes up this Wild team. Seriously, they look half asleep out there
  • Spurgeon takes his second penalty of the game…I bet if you looked through his game logs you could count on one hand the number of games in which Spurgeon took more than one penalty. Just a guess
  • Great puck movement on the Habs PP, solid four passes, got them a good shot on net but didn’t convert
  • Montreal scores their second goal and keeps up the pressure…if Minnesota doesn’t answer in the next couple minutes, this could get out of hand in a hurry
  • I wouldn’t blame Harding for any of those goals, but he gets the hook nonetheless
  • Mister Darcy is having nothing but trouble this year…couldn’t tell if that goal was five hole or short side but either way, he’s just not getting the pads down
  • Fan cam: middle-aged guy in North Stars jersey and the longest eyebrows you’ve ever seen, looking around nervously
  • Nino Niederreiter you’re my hero
  • Pretty good play by Brodziak drawing defenders to him and making a nice pass
  • For tonight’s loss I recommend a session beer, like a Russian Imperial Stout. Kick up your feet, sip it like wine and think of better days…
Minnesota Wild individual Corsi
Montreal Canadiens individual Corsi
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