Wild Game Notes: 10-22-13 vs Nashville plus individual Corsi/Zone Starts

Posted: October 22, 2013 in Wild Game Notes
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Sort of a stream of consciousness of tonight’s impressive win at home versus a division opponent
  • Can’t watch on GCL because the game’s on NBC sports…watching a grainy internet feed so perhaps not as many observations tonight
  • What a nasty shot to the face taken by Brodin…point blank, looked like it was from about 15 feet away. Inadvertent by the Nashville player but he’s almost certainly going to need some stiches
  • For a team that’s having trouble scoring goals, facing a guy like Pekka Rinne who can be a stone wall on any given night is not a great prescription. He stopped about three rapid-fire shots on Minnesota’s first power play
  • Koivu is really a great playmaker, he knows where all players are on the ice and who is streaking into the zone. He carries the puck, hits the brakes at the blue line and passes to Nino who is skating in fast. Not many players in the NHL can make that pass in my opinion
  • Mike Yeo interviewed during the game, says: “It’s a game of emotion.” Is it? Or is it a game of anticipation and thinking ahead. Not mutually exclusive…
  • Granlund’s possession numbers are pretty shite but he definitely is making plays that make you say “Wow!” A nice takeaway in the defensive end and in two or three strides he’s across the offensive blue line
  • Random thought but I like the Preds’ away uniforms. Their socks are white on top and gold on the bottom, and they have this symbol on their shoulders that’s three start inside a shape that looks like a guitar pick
  • Scandella limps off the ice after blocking a Shea Weber shot…this team can’t afford to lose Brodin and Scandella in the same game
  • Shots on goal 13-3 Wild after one period…stop me if you’ve heard this one. It really is remarkable how few shots this team allows…but of course that don’t mean squat if they don’t score goals. I really think the story of this team would be their defense if they didn’t have such a goal scoring problem
  • Probably no way to prove or disprove this but I feel like I haven’t seen that many one-timers from this team…certainly there have been a few, but I’m seeing a lot of telegraphed shots
  • Middle second period, some good cycling off the half wall by Pommer-Heater-Granny, good to see that even briefly. That’s how you generate chances
  • Great cross-ice pass by Parise, Fontaine with the goal! #BULLDOGS
  • Niederreiter moved to Brodziak line…Fontaine skating with Koivu and Parise!?!? Curiouser and curiouser
  • Spotted a fan wearing a Parise North Stars jersey. Swaggin’
  • My God this is a quiet arena. Wild fans, GET FIRED UP!
  • Prosser vs Nystrom, current Wild vs former Wild. Aggressive punches by Prosser, I sort of like what I see there
  • I like Fontaine and all but it’s too early for him to be skating with Koivu and Parise. He doesn’t have the anticipation or the experience working with elite guys like that
  • The Wild doing a nice job through the third period of possessing the puck in the offensive zone. A lot of shots earlier in the game but more just chewing up time, making good cycling passes, etc. And still getting opportunities
  • Matt Cooke has a nice slapshot. Who knew?
  • Amazingly close at the end, the puck was behind Harding. Great play by Spurgeon to save the game.
  • Wild 2-0 vs Nashville this year. Need to beat the teams in your division if you want to make the playoffs.
  • Only scored two goals (one empty net) but still a strong possession game and GREAT DEFENSE by Minny

Wild Individual Corsi/Zone Starts

Player Pos ES TOI Corsi Net Zone Starts
Clayton  Stoner D 19:05 +12 -2
Marco  Scandella D 17:28 +2 -3
Mikko  Koivu C 15:16 +13 0
Zach  Parise L 14:47 +13 0
Justin  Fontaine R 14:28 +3 -4
Dany  Heatley L 14:17 +7 +2
Torrey  Mitchell C 10:14 +1 -2
Stephane  Veilleux L 8:32 +6 -3
Ryan  Suter D 25:01 +13 +3
Kyle  Brodziak C 14:59 -4 0
Nino  Niederreiter R 12:05 +8 +2
Matt  Cooke L 14:24 -7 -1
Jonas  Brodin D 1:01 0 0
Zenon  Konopka C 7:50 +3 -5
Jason  Pominville R 14:51 +9 +3
Nate  Prosser D 20:08 +10 -5
Jared  Spurgeon D 21:05 -1 +3
Mikael  Granlund C 14:29 +7 +2

Predators Individual Corsi/Zone Starts

Player Pos ES TOI Corsi Net Zone Starts
Seth  Jones D 19:54 -10 +2
Ryan  Ellis D 13:32 +3 +3
Shea  Weber D 21:55 -11 +1
Matt  Cullen C 14:59 +6 -3
Kevin  Klein D 18:29 -14 -2
David  Legwand C 14:15 -10 0
Nick  Spaling C 15:31 -4 +5
Craig  Smith C 14:48 +3 -1
Rich  Clune L 6:20 -1 +1
Eric  Nystrom L 14:17 0 +5
Viktor  Stalberg L 13:07 +1 +3
Matt  Hendricks C 9:30 -18 0
Patric  Hornqvist R 14:49 -5 0
Paul  Gaustad C 10:45 -14 -1
Colin  Wilson C 13:29 -14 -1
Mattias  Ekholm D 18:33 -14 -3
Gabriel  Bourque L 14:33 +5 -2
Victor  Bartley D 11:53 +4 +3
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