Wild Game Notes: 10-15-13 at Toronto

Posted: October 15, 2013 in Wild Game Notes
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Sort of a stream of consciousness from tonight’s insane game at Toronto
  • Tonight is the team’s first back-to-back contest–I’ll be watching to see how they do on tired legs. Mike Yeo consciously rolled four lines last night at Buffalo in anticipation of tonight‘s game so let’s see how they do against a good Leafs team.
  • Hashtag Mister Darcy
  • I’m starting to really believe the Wild might not be able to afford (no pun intended) to keep giving Dany Heatley top-six minutes. Could they move him to the third line with Cooke/Brodziak before Thanksgiving?
  • Three great chances for the top PP unit against one of the league’s top PK units early in the game
  • Spurgeon lays out on the Leafs first PP goal…and looks foolish for having done so
  • The Leafs seem to be winning a lot of board battles early in this game, which is an area that the Wild have been quite good at
  • I’ve seen more unforced errors tonight than probably any game so far this year. However, there have been a lot of *forced* errors too so credit to Toronto
  • Great hands by JP on the Wild’s first goal, first to catch the pass and then to get his own rebound and flip it top shelf
  • Middle second period…this is just silly. 20-3 shot advantage, 2-1 Leafs. Sooner or later these shots have to start going in…
  • The Wild have had no less than three shorthanded breakaways this season (and more at even strength.
  • Mister Darcy gets beat twice on the five-hole. Needs to work on that, obviously
  • Toronto has been playing really great defense, I’m not saying they haven’t. However, the Wild just aren’t making crisp passes…I wonder if this is some fatigue from their back-to-back (they did get a boatload of shots, so perhaps just an off night)
  • Having said that, if this is the tired version of the team that still outshoots the opponent to such an extreme degree…
  • Good point by one of the Wild announcers between periods (might have been a quote from Walz or Sydor)…this is a tough game because if you’re the Wild, what do you change?
  • 4 posts in the game…this is just a crazy game
  • Pominville put back with Koivu and Parise midway through third period, not surprised if we continue to see this when the team is getting desperate for goals
  • Granlund with two great chances, one a breakaway and one a nice give and go…I suppose I am more encouraged that he’s getting the chances than frustrated that he’s not converting them
  • What a ridiculous game. Final shot count 38-13 Wild, Final score 4-1 Toronto. Ridiculous.
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